As someone asked...here's the backstory on this Networking Pro-Tip (so breathe, if you're thinking this is about you, it's not about you and if it is...well, congrats, because of your 💩 behavior, you're the subject of my networking pro-tip!).

The story...I was on a Zoom - in hair and makeup for a video podcast interview - and the interviewer's assistant appeared on the Zoom (5 minutes late), to cancel the interview. Seems the interviewer had not being feeling well...FOR SEVERAL DAYS. No heads-up (hmmm, perhaps an email a few days before to say "hey, I'm not sure we will be able to go ahead...") and let's just say, I left it at wishing the podcast host well.

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Sheesh… that was not a good look. Like how is that even close to being appropriate behavior and etiquette?

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Woah ! that's a no-no.... !

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